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Born and raised in California, 15 year old country singer-songwriter Lexi Lauren fell in love with country music when she was about 9 years old. She discovered the song "I'm Gonna Love You Through It" by Martina McBride while browsing music on Youtube and instantly connected to the lyrics of the song. Her grandpa was battling lung cancer at the time and through that experience she realized how powerful music can be. After discovering Martina's music, she started listening to all different country artists - from Kenny Rodgers to Faith Hill to Dolly Parton. From that moment on, she knew that she wanted to write and sing songs that other people could connect to the way she connected to Martina's during a hard time in her life.

Shortly after discovering country music, Lexi started writing her own songs. She bought her first guitar on her 10th birthday, and after struggling in guitar lessons for a year or two, she decided to watch guitar tutorials on YouTube to learn how to play instead. She started taking piano and vocal lessons, and she joined a school choir group as well.

In 2016, Lexi started posting weekly covers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. A few months later, after seeing the rapid growth of the platform, she joined Musical.ly and began posting multiple 15 second covers per day. Lexi quickly gained a total of 150,000 followers in less than 75 days. She now has over 270,000 followers on the platform, making her the #1 most followed "muser" in Nashville. 

One year later, in May of 2017, Lexi moved to Nashville with her family to pursue her career in country music. The one thing that is super important to her is to be 100% authentic to who she is. Lexi is a bit of an old soul who loves that "vintage 70s" feel - from her retro style, to her favorite tv shows and country music. She hopes to bring some of that older country sound back into country music while still fitting into the pop/country genre.

Lexi is currently working in the studio and preparing to release new music sometime this year. Stay tuned!

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Writing songs and playing guitar since she was 10, Lexi is now making major waves in the music world.
— Tiger Beat