Don’t Text by Lexi Lauren (@lexilaurenmusic)

I wasn’t sure what direction this song from Lexi Lauren would go. There have been a couple songs about texting and driving. I think it was a song with Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift. Man, remember when Taylor Swift was the queen of country music…

Anyway, this one turned out a bit different. I like the direction it took. Will it catch on? Give it a listen and see what you think.

When I was a teenager my generation was the last to really go through that stage without cell phones. At least in my area of the Midwest. There were car phones. Some kids started getting these big blue Nokias late in high school, but mostly it was still home phone landlines.

You had to call your friends. And you had to call the opposite sex.

That’s what this song seems to be about. Lexi’s generation grew up with cell phones. They are used to texting each other as a way to communicate.

And that’s fine for most things. But some of the communication is lost.

Back in my day our parents would tell us to hang up the phone and go talk to the person face to face. You get the nonverbal communication that way.

Now they’re saying to stop texting and talk to the person. This way you can hear the different emotions in their voice.

This is a good song. It’s a subject I’m sure many are thinking about.

What do you think?