From a young age, Lexi Lauren has used music and songwriting as a coping mechanism to deal with painful situations and to get through difficult times. “I’ve always had a really hard time putting my feelings into words, and I tend to bottle up my emotions and not talk to anyone about anything that’s going on in my life. Songwriting has given me an outlet to be able to express the way I feel and to articulate my thoughts and emotions through music. It’s my form of therapy,” says the Nashville-based singer/songwriter.

Born and raised in Sacramento, California, music was always a big part of Lexi's life - but for a long time, it wasn’t her first priority. “I never really thought of music as a career. I took piano lessons for 7 years, participated in school choir, and was always singing along to the radio; but at the time, I didn’t really think anything of it.”

From age 2-13, Lexi had her eyes set on becoming a professional dancer. From ballet, tap, lyrical, and jazz, she spent 25+ hours a week in the dance studio, and used her free time to condition and stretch at home. “I swore I was going to be in the New York City Ballet. Dance was my sole focus, and it was truly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.”

Lexi first started listening to country music when she was 9 years old. After her grandpa was diagnosed with lung cancer, she realized how powerful and life-changing music could be. “I remember scrolling through music videos on Youtube one day, and I clicked on this video by Martina McBride called ‘I’m Gonna Love You Through It.’ I was sitting on the floor of my bedroom, all by myself, and I just felt this huge wave of uncontrollable, extreme emotion come over me. I was so overwhelmed, and I just broke down - for the first time, I felt like someone understood what my family and I were going through,” she says. From that moment on, Lexi knew that she wanted to write music that people could connect to the way she did to Martina’s during a difficult time in her life. “I grew up on mainstream music, so when I started getting into the country genre, that was totally unexpected. I wasn’t born in a small town, I didn’t go fishing or mudding on the weekends, my dad didn’t drive a truck… but I fell in love with the stories that country music tells.”

For 3 years, Lexi focused on dance and music, unsure of which one she wanted to pursue more. Her decision became clear in 2016 when she broke her foot while rehearsing for an upcoming dance show. “I was just put en pointe, which was something I had been working towards for years. I’m a bit of an overachiever, and tend to push myself too far - I was tired and my body was fatigued, my foot slipped out from under me, and I fell hard onto the floor. I pushed off going to the doctor for weeks, and when I couldn’t take the pain anymore, I went in for an x-ray, and they told me I had fractured the side of my foot. I thought my world was coming to an end,” says Lauren. Lexi was put in a cast and crutches for 8 weeks, and was told to lay down as much as possible - that’s when she turned to music. “I remember being bored out of my mind, with nothing to do but sit back and relax. I randomly started picking up my guitar, and would spend 6+ hours a day watching Youtube videos until my fingers would bleed, and for some reason, it all clicked. Dance didn’t come naturally to me, and I always had to work really hard to improve and level up, but music was a talent that came easily, and I didn’t have to force it - it just happened.”

8 weeks later, with her cast off and crutches gone, Lexi got back into the swing of dance and hated every minute of it. “I’d be in the dance studio thinking 'I just want to go home and get back to music.' I would watch the clock in the corner of the room, just waiting until it was over. I remember crying and getting so upset before having to go into the studio. I made it through the season, finished every show strong, and one month later, convinced my family to take a trip out to Nashville.”

In May of 2016, Lexi, her sister, and her parents flew across the country to visit “Music City”. “I knew that if country music was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, I had to make the move out to Nashville. I remember flying into BNA late at night, and seeing all the city lights from above - I was sold. 3 days into the trip and my parents were looking at houses, and I couldn’t believe it. Everything was happening so quickly.

One year later, when she was 14 years old, Lexi and her family picked up and moved to Nashville, Tennessee for Lexi to be able to pursue her career in country music. For the past two years, Lexi has spent her time honing and perfecting her artistry. Daringly honest storytelling lyrics mixed with captivating, upbeat melodies, Lexi’s sound is a seamless blend of pop, country, and contemporary/R&B. “My biggest focus in my life is to be able to touch as many lives as I possibly can. Music is insanely powerful and can be such a form of healing, and such a form of expressing emotion. Because I’m so young, I get a lot of songwriting inspiration from the world around me, as well as writing from personal experience. I feel as though I have something very unique and different to say in country music. It’s scary to be so vulnerable with the world, but if I can create music that people can connect to, and my music can be something that makes people feel something, and make them feel like they’re not alone - that’s my main goal.”

With over 350,000 followers on all platforms, Lexi is dedicated to connect with and get to know every person that supports her and her music. “I respond to every comment, message, DM, and email daily. I’ve had fans come to my house to hang out, I’ve talked to a lot of them over FaceTime and on the phone, I’ve sent out packages and cards to thank them for their constant love and support… I’m so extremely grateful for every one of my supporters, and without them, I wouldn’t be able to do what I love every single day.” 

Lexi is currently writing and recording for her upcoming project and is working hard to get new music out in 2019. “One of the most important things I’ve learned is to stay true to myself and to not let anyone change who I am or what I want to create and do with my music. I want to wear my heart on my sleeve, and be as open and honest as possible, both in my music and as a person. I have so many things in the works, and I’m so excited to get this new music out and to share my stories with the world.”


Lexi Lauren